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The 7-Touch Exploding Brand Technique™


‘Keep it Simple’ is one of his motto’s—blending art, science, and story together, Michael will leave you with simple, ready-to-use, practical and effective techniques to build a killer brand like a pro. Using memorable lessons from storytelling, creative problem-solving, and marketing you can hit the ground running and start taking market share.

$499 /person | Maximum 12 People | Dates to be Announced

CALGARY, CA // March 2018 // SOLD OUT
MANILA, PH // March 28, 2018 // UCC Cafe Terrace //
CALGARY, CA // May 2018 // email for dates and reserve your spot
CALGARY, CA // June 27, 2018 // ATB Entrepreneur Centre // GET TICKETS

Creative Kung-Fu for Killer Brand-Jitsu

We help you find your story, and then take it into the market—there is no sorcery or black magic—we use art, science, and a deep understanding of storytelling to make your brand sing.

Our approach is simple. Find your story and tell it in the most meaningful way.

There is no single platform upon which to tell your story, we use them all. We approach every project with fresh eyes and ears, guiding you through the process of understanding exactly who you are, what you do, who your customers are, and why they care.

Starting at the molecular-level of your brand (your reason for being) we work with you to focus your vision and to create and capture value in the market.

Michael is a creative problem-solver to his very core.

As a communicator he can sort out what to say and how to say it. As an artist, he brings creative mastery, as a team member he brings the highest degree of personal and professional dedication.

Very few people have the kind of ability and willingness to forge a path through the status quo with intention, sincerity and insight that Michael brings to the table.

Michael is one of those rare breeds of creatives that combines design creativity with a super-clear business mind.

He not only creates the most compelling brands – he crafts brand strategy that becomes an integral part of your business DNA, your goals, ambitions and values. He is expert at what he does – gently but firmly leading his clients to discover the road they really should be taking.

Every time that I’ve seen Michael in action his creative strategy blows my mind. To add to the mix, he is a superb storyteller and teacher. His enthusiasm for what he does shines in everything he does.

Neville Chamberlain, Britewrx

You remember that terrier from those Kibbles and Bits commercials? Well, that’s Michael. I’ve never seen anyone with so much creative energy.

It is impossible to sit down and discuss an idea with him and not believe in short order that it’s not only possible, but a moral imperative to make it so.

Dallas Paquette, Lift Renovations

When I first met with Michael, I didn’t feel I was even ready to start branding. Then he asked me my story and showed me that my brand was already part of me—he just needed to shine a light on it so I could see it too.

Carrie A. Tuttle, Carrie A. Tuttle, Coach